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Why do Blocked Up Gutters Cause Roof Leaks?

We recommend regularly having your gutters cleaned out and this is why…

Gutters run along the edges of the roof, but don’t do much to protect it. Gutters are a moisture protection system for the fascia, siding, and foundation of a home. They collect rain and carry it away from the home. The system can break down. Instead of carrying all that water away from house/building a clogged gutter will simply hold on to it and keep it right up against the edge of the roof.

Gutters Unblocked Manchester, Oldham & Rochdale

The debris build up in the gutters can simply block up. The wet, fertile soil lining the inside of the gutters means that rain has nowhere to go. In a storm, some of the rain gets soaked up by the soil and the majority falls over the side of the gutter to the ground. This water will then leak and pressed moisture can go into the plywood which forms the roof’s foundation, eventually causing it to rot.

To have your gutter unblocked by James W. Roofing could save you money in the long run for future damage caused by blocked gutters.

How Do I Keep My Gutter From Blocking?

This doesn’t take much. The gutters need to be cleaned out of debris twice a year, and test to the gutter to make sure it drains properly. The downspout needs to be checked to ensure water is getting through. In this case a little maintenance will go a long way. 

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